July 24, 2008

My Baby is Missing

Hi everyone. Please send lots of good thoughts out into the universe to help us find our lost kitty, Go Go Boots. GoGo has not been outside since we rescued him 5 years ago, at age 3 months. Our cleaning woman was here today and although she says she never saw him get out, the only explanation is that he snuck out while she had the door open at some point. We have spent all evening combing the area for him. I am heartsick. He has never been alone in his whole life, as we also rescued his brother. They are inseparable. He is also a total mama's boy and follows me everywhere, sleeps with me, etc. I can't stop worrying about him out there all alone, with no food and no idea how to get back home.

I keep hoping he will just show up, and maybe he will by the morning, but it's so hard to think he may be gone forever.

Sorry for the depressing post but maybe if everyone thinks "go go boots come home", it might help.


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Kelly H said...

Our thoughts are with you. Kitties usually do find their way home, but waiting for them is so hard.