July 28, 2008

GoGo Boots is Home!

(GoGo Boots & Pumpkin - reunited again!)

We were able to get GoGo Boots back inside the house on Saturday night. For those who might be curious, the only method that worked was as follows: We turned off all the lights in the house, opened the kitchen door and sat completely silent. We heard him rustling in the leaves on the side of the house and not more than 10 minutes later, he was inside. He came tearing in like a lightning bolt and ran upstairs immediately. His brother Pumpkin ran up after him and the two of them spent the next 24 hours curling up and washing each other. Pumpkin clearly missed his brother very much and was so happy to have him home. As are we, too!

The 2 days he was missing were one of the worst times in my life. I love this little boy so much and couldn't bear the idea that he was outside, all alone and scared. This is not a cat who was off exploring and adventuring. Our guess is that he was absolutely terrified - so scared that he didn't even respond to our calls because he was too afraid. We still don't know how he got out, but we just hope it never happens again! He has blisters on his poor little paws and has been sleeping most of the time. I don't think he slept a wink outside.

Welcome home, GoGo Boots!


Kelly H said...

I'm so glad GGB made it home! I've been thinking about him.

That's the difficult thing about lost cats. When dogs are lost and scared, they'll come running when you call them. Cats won't. You can pass within a foot of your own cat, and he won't come out if he's scared.

Good for Pumpkin for giving him some much-deserved pampering.

Barbara said...

I'm so happy for you! Now you can all stop worrying & enjoy being together again.

They are a cute pair of kitties!

kittymama said...

Kelly, Thanks for your kind words! I don't know how to reach you directly but if you have your own blog, please send me the link. Thanks, kittymama

weaselrina said...

I am so relieved he came home.. you know that of course, but its very good to see the two of them curled up sleeping side by side

Carla said...

I remember when my cat Murray got out the night before Thanksgiving, so I had the most miserable holiday ever! Fortunately, he stayed in the creek area behind our house and not wandering the streets. Glad to see GGB is home safe!

Anonymous said...

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