December 16, 2008

Triple Ginger Buttery Jam Cookies (TWD)

This week for Tuesdays with Dorie, Heather of Randomosity & The Girl, invited us to make Buttery Jam Cookies.

Peering into my fridge, I found a jar of ginger preserves that I had bought for the Fruit Galette back in the summer. Inspiration struck and I decided to make a triple ginger cookie. Dorie's original recipe calls for powdered ginger, so I just upped the ginger-y-ness and added the preserves, along with diced candied ginger. I think this made a different cookie than was intended but as a big fan of ginger, I didn't miss the fruit jam at all.

The cookies are puffy and soft - not my favorite cookie texture. But I think they're still a nice cookie, and the ginger is especially good for this time of year. My dad loves all things ginger so I'll be baking up the rest of the dough for him on Christmas Eve.

You can find the cookie recipe on Heather's blog and if you'd like to make my version, just throw in a handful of chopped candied ginger at the end. I also flattened the balls of dough after putting them on the cookie sheets, to ensure a more uniform shape - if you follow Dorie's instructions, you'll get a more spherical shape and the bottoms may cook faster than the tops.

It's a cookie time of year and I was happy to add another one to the roster - thanks, Heather!


chocolatechic said...

I didn't even put ginger in mine.

I took mine in a whole different direction.

Yours look lovely.

Engineer Baker said...

Ooo - what a wonderful use for the ginger preserves! I flattened mine too, which I think made them prettier.

vibi said...

WOW! Those must have been super delicious with the triple ginger... nice touch! They needed it actually, cause from reading other posts, many though they were pretty bland!
Great idea, Kittymama! BRAVO!

Jaime said...

if i had crystallized ginger bits, i would have added them too! i love ginger! your cookies are so cute!

Danielle said...

Ginger preserves who would have thunk it! Your cookies look great.